A $12 Trillion Business Case for Gender Equality in the workplace

In spite of my gender, I have always been a staunch advocate for gender equality and for having more women in leadership roles. As someone who has always been interested in creative, innovative and better ways of doing things in the workplace, I have found that the perspective women generally offer on virtually any subject matter is ‘thought provoking’ to the traditional thinking and business as usual approach often dictated by male dominated C-Suites and Executive Teams. For instance, even simple ideas like being more inclusive, collaborative, caring, sharing, thinking long-term, tend to be after thoughts in today’s workplace or ideas which are not as well integrated into the modus operandi or into the OS of most corporate cultures.

A recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute makes a compelling business case for gender equality in the workplace, suggesting a 11% increase in Global GDP (~$12 Trillion) in 2025. Provided below is a list of other related sources/articles on the issue of gender in/equality for your reference.

Gender Inequality Dashboard – A visual and interactive dashboard graphically depicting 15 different indicators of gender inequality across the globe. Checkout your country’s performance.

Women in the workplace – by Leanin.org & McKinsey [118 companies and 30,000 employees participated in this study]

Gender Equality: Taking stock of where we are – McKinsey Quarterly, Sept 2015